International Female Ride Day 2012 Photo Contest Winner from Bogota Columbia

IFRD PHOTO WINNERCongratulations to Ingrid Diaz from Bogotá, Colombia – South America, winner of the International Female Ride Day 2012 Facebook photo competition! She obtained the most number of ‘likes’ for her submission on our International Female Ride Day page.

Ingrid included this with her photo:

“Hi there. Against every possible prediction of my community members, I am learning to ride a big bike and I love it. I only wish there were more female riders like me over here. We are great models of passion, courage, conviction, strength, safety and charm.  I would be great to win some gear, because it is often scarce, expensive or even fake in my country.  Thank you for this chance!” Ingrid Diaz

The runners up were NaNa Weber’s photo of the women’s motorcycle club, Budapest Hungary- a beautiful group shot at second place and third place – woman rider “Lady Fred” of the United States.

ifrd Budapest Women Riders 2012

Thanks to everyone who voted and to those who shared such fantastic photos on International Female Ride Day 4 May, 2012

If you wish to share a photo too – please do so!