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MOTORESS for the Woman Motorcycle Enthusiast


MOTORESS® is the only on-line women’s motorcycle magazine of its kind devoted to women motorcycle enthusiasts of all ages and styles. We deliver an insider’s guide to a woman rider’s total motorsport lifestyle and expression!

MOTORESS®  is the most innovative, respected and trusted leader within the women rider segment of the motorcycling industry, worldwide.

MOTORESS® is the story of women, of motorcycle culture, of what is worth knowing and seeing. As the eye of the female motorcycling industry, MOTORESS® inspires and challenges women to see things as they are, in both themselves and within the activity of motorsport.

MOTORESS® provides the content and tools to connect and inspire women riders to take charge of the handlebars -to chart one’s own route and become her best self in motorcycling.


We enjoy hearing from you and welcome your input.   Use our  CONTACT US  page to share your discoveries, developments, stories, tips and views with us and our readers!