Kinekt Gear Ring Playfully Perfect for Any Woman Rider!

MotoressThis has to be the most unique and striking ring ever created! The  KINEKT Gear Ring, which I’ve had the pleasure to try personally, has truly become my most preferred piece of jewellery. Its ingenious design features micro-precision gears that turn in unison when the outer rims are spun!  It’s absolutely fabulous – a must have for every woman motorcycle enthusiast!

Its design falls within the trend category of “industrial style” which I find not only speaks cleverness but fits perfectly within the lifestyle of motorcycling. It still has a feminine appearance yet is distinct, playful and fabulously fun to wear! On top of that, it’s a real conversation piece – no matter where I go when wearing the Gear Ring, people ask and inquire. It’s a piece that’s without a doubt, a real attention grabber!

Appropriately named the Gear Ring by Kinekt who believe it to be the first company to introduce the concept of moving gears to jewellery! Kinekt Design creator, Glen Liberman, has always been fascinated and inspired by small mechanisms and their complementary movements. With this interest, the concept was envisioned for the Gear Ring, a product “complex enough to play with, yet simple enough to wear”.

The ring is protected by numerous patents pending (both design and utility), as well as other Intellectual Property rights, both in the USA and Internationally – you know you’re getting something unique and original! Kinekt Design located in New York, seeks to bring forward-thinking design objects and products that fuse together a modern aesthetic with physical interaction.

Don’t let its strong appearance fool you; the Gear Ring is unbelievably lightweight. It’s fabricated using “316L” the highest quality surgical matte stainless steel (choice metal alloy to ensure function and precision of all the components) in the jewellery market. Stainless steel has properties which make it highly durable and resistant to tarnishing, fading, scratching, and rusting. It will not bend or break and is hhypo-allergenicfor those with metal allergies.

The Gear Ring designed for both women and men, is available in sizes ranging from 5 to 13, with size 14 soon to be added to the range. Kinekt provide a lifetime warranty on the Gear Ring and offer FREE worldwide shipping and handling.

It can be purchased online
Visit the website and get yours!

“I totally love this ring! It’s so stylish, unique and entirely appropriate for a motorcycle enthusiast!” – Vicki Gray (tried, tested, enjoyed)

MOTORESS director, Vicki Gray is a basic and advanced motorcycle instructor – certified for over 25 years. She is a motorcycle licensing examiner and has instructed, examined and licensed riders for European and North American road racing schools.