Cape Town Celebrates Women Riders Global Campaign

Cape Town Women Riders for IFRD

“So ladies, get on your bikes, join for a fantastic out ride and let’s get out there and be visible” states the event flyer. The ride ends up at Eden on the Bay, Blouberg and Big Bay Beach, simply breathtaking locations in Western Cape Town.

This is all lead by the Sharon of the Harley-Davidson Club of Cape Town, who has been putting all together to ensure women riders of Cape Town South Africa get out and support the campaign.
We’ve been forwarded their agenda for the day, and doesn’t it just make you want to jump on a plane and head to Cape Town?

They’ll be departing from the club house at about 13.00 with the first stop at the Bloemendal Wine Estate where women will enjoy some light refreshments.
The group then ‘loops the ride’ via Malmesbury back to Table Bay, ending up at local Viper Lounge where the clubs owner has prepared special gifts for the women.
They then depart to final destination Eden on the Bay. Dinner will be enjoyed at local Capello Restaurant.

Have fun women riders of Cape Town and thank you to Sharon Malan for taking the lead in her community for International Female Ride Day!

Visit the HD Club of Cape Town Website.

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