International Female Ride Day Photos 2008


International Female Ride Day Defined

Women joining in and riding on International Female Ride Day© demonstrate their passion, ability, enthusiasm and involvement in motorcycling on all levels. All brands participate across all forms of motorcycling: road, track, dirt even three-wheelers, side-cars and scooters.

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IFRD Photos

International Female Ride Day Photos 2008

Enjoy viewing the International Female Ride Day online photo gallery a proud display of just a few of the many women who joined in and shared their participation on 4 May 2008. The purpose of the day was to highlight the many numbers of women riders of all disciplines, ages and lifestyles, while inspiring others to join in the activity.

The women pictured in our Female Ride Day photos, have sent in their pictures showing how they enjoyed their day! These arrived from many locations around the world — throughout America, Canada, England, Australia, Greece and more!

Join us again in 2009 on May 1 to celebrate women riders, worldwide– International Female Ride Day!