International Female Ride Day Canadian National Supporters

IFRD PartnersIn Canada during International Female Ride Day we design, produce, print, and send a wonderful poster to all dealerships for use in their shops. It is a great tool and collectible to assist in promoting International Female Ride Day at store level. The poster features the yearly iconic International Female Ride Day image and the supporters logos. Dealerships and retailers are invited to display the poster which is the ‘welcome’ sign to women motorcycle and scooter riders on the global rider day.

The poster is sponsored and supported by numerous industry and other terrific brands/businesses all of whom actively support this campaign and women in motorcycling!

It is their contributions which allows for production of this poster and also the (formerly) traditional ride day souvenir gifted to the first number of women who send in their photos of themselves on the day. We’ve managed to produce some fantastic souvenirs and ride day mementos which were sent to addresses worldwide!

Please enjoy visiting our supporters shown by way of logo’s on our website. Each  contributor is a grandiose supporter of women and motorcycling–and MOTORESS.

Thank you supporters and partners.

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