International Female Ride Day T-Shirt Makes Appearance

International Female Ride Day T-Shirt
International Female Ride Day T-Shirt

We stumbled upon Style-Saver Scarves website a little while ago and were SO excited to see a picture taken during a motorcycle show and highlighting a woman motorcycle rider -wearing her 2008 International Female Ride Day souvenir t-shirt! We so enjoyed seeing that and the pride, not failing to mention ‘statement’ this young lady wanted to make during this event. “Cool” we say!

It was all because of an e-mail we received in 2007 from one of our viewers inquiring “why don’t you sell International Female Ride Day t-shirts?” We thought, good question. Picked out a standard style and made it available—we sold [out] over 300 pieces within four weeks. It was a big hit. And in the traditional of this terrific campaign we bring out the collectible tee every year now!
Women enjoy buying the new style each year, or simply wearing the one they have from years’ earlier.

We are so happy to be able to provide this tee and will shortly release the 2010!

And by the way, we think StyleSaverScarves are particularly unique—“Head Wear for Women with Style” for gals who ride! What could be better?
Have a look at their website!

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