Motor Maids Exchanged Flags for 2010 International Female Ride Day


International Female Ride Day Defined

Women joining in and riding on International Female Ride Day© demonstrate their passion, ability, enthusiasm and involvement in motorcycling on all levels. All brands participate across all forms of motorcycling: road, track, dirt even three-wheelers, side-cars and scooters.

How to Celebrate International Female Ride Day

To help you join in on this global phenomenon and to make the most of your own local, regional or solo ride on International Female Ride Day, we’ve compiled a list of ideas that’ll help to get you started.

Motor Maids Exchanged Flags on International Female Ride Day

Motor Maids Exchanged Flags on International Female Ride Day

It was a perfect day on the river dividing Calais Maine USA and St. Stephen’s New Brunswick Canada where Motor Maids met to exchange flags in celebration of the 2010 International Female Ride Day on Friday 7 May!

It was a spectacular happening with nearly 50 motorcycles and Motor Maids from as far away as Nova Scotia and Florida! The women formed two lines with the Canadian and American flags flying from the lead bikes, an exchange that took place at 12-noon on the Ferry Point Bridge the international border.

“It was a perfect day and a perfect way to commemorate International Female Ride Day”, stated Lil Charron, district Director for Motor Maid chapters in Maine Vermont and New Hampshire. After a greeting and a welcome from Lil, the ceremony began with an invocation and bike blessing.

Calais Mayor Vinton Cassidy read a proclamation from the Calais City Council announcing Friday May 7 2010 as lady motorcycle day in Calais—everyone cheered!

All of us at MOTORESS wish to extend a very special thank you to the Motor Maids for contributing in such a unique and tremendous manner to this yearly campaign!

If you would like to become a Motor Maid, visit the website to join!