Russia Joins International Female Ride Day.

Russia for IFRDMeet MotoLady one of Russia’s information and news portals for women motorcycle riders, and those who like to ride and enjoy motorcycling. Moto Lady is part of information agency “Biker News” who began its work in 2002. Moto Lady along with other Russian motorcycle clubs will be joining the global wave of women motorcycle riders for International Female Ride Day!

We received the news from MotoLady and at the same time from the National Russian Motorcycle Federation (NRMF) committing their support to the day and the campaign! We are incredibly excited to know and to share with you, of their work this year to raise more awareness of International Female Ride Day in Russia! They will encourage women throughout Russia and its capital Moscow to take part – with various clubs – such as “Wings” will be holding parties and get-togethers.

hpmo_thThe National Russian Motorcycle Federation (NRMF) is a voluntary public sport union of the Russian citizens founded April 17, 2003. The organisation comprises representatives from 51 regions of Russia and has increased to now 56 regions of the Russian Federation. Besides the regional branches, 15 public unions

We will keep you posted on the details!

Thank you MotoLady and NRMF and welcome to the world’s largest event for women riders!

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