Women Motorcycle Riders India Join International Female Ride Day

Women Motorcycle Riders in India Join International Female Ride Day - MOTORESS
Women Motorcycle Riders in India – Bikerni Join International Female Ride Day

This global campaign, International Female Ride Day has received messages from women motorcycle riders India, and women riders participating since the first Female Ride Day occurred. This year however, the quickly growing women’s motorcycle club in India, “Bikerni” (is a play on Hindi grammar as in ‘her’ or ‘she’ – when an object or term is feminine, then ‘ni’ is added to the end to define it) -will represent in true club manner and JUST RIDE on 6 May.

India’s  unique cultural practises have created a dilemma for the women where most of the clubs members are unable to ride on week-days even though 6 May is a Friday. Additionally most of these women have restrictions for moving about/out in the evenings. Regardless, Urvashi Patole, the clubs spokeswoman says the club will do all they can to ride with the globally synchronized day with a small celebration and ride on May 6th.

Bikerni was founded nearly four years ago under a different name and at that time was more localized. Now in 2011 the club has evolved into an association in order for ladies from all over India to connect and ride together.

The group organizes all -India rides, Rides for a Cause, Independence and Republic Day rides, Motorsport activities, weekend trips, stunt meets and photography meets. They have big plans to work with women support groups in India for their betterment and empowerment.

We look forward to riding with you on Friday 6 May!


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