MOTORESS Rolling Continuum of Motorcycling for Women

Very best wishes of the New Year! I hope amidst usual attentions to family and friends, you are eagerly planning your 2012 motorcycle journeys, vacations, races or motorcycle bike purchases. There is nothing better than the excitement that comes from planning a motorcycle riding adventure. And if you are like me, you’re currently in the midst of a cold weather season which makes it all the more filled with anticipation.

As a woman rider and Motorcycling for Women advocate – or better yet, complete fanatic- (everyone should be on a motorcycle!);  the year ahead appears exciting for women riders.  The upcoming 6th International Female Ride Day on 4 May is not long away. A world of women riders is expected to once again take part. And later on in the year, the AMA Women and Motorcycling Conference is scheduled.  2011 gave women motorcyclists more firsts in motorsports, race wins, touring mileage achievements and certainly individually measured attainments than years before.

The industry at large will continue it’s interest in the female rider demographic- the last under developed riding frontier- along with today’s youth. They’ll be creating ever more ‘buzz’ in our direction as they continue to market to women and place strong media spin toward our gender. The boomer has fizzled out – today’s woman is not seeking ‘empowerment’ but new experiences- as has been the case  for most of the past decade! Even women of the late 1800’s /early 1900’s were  then also thrilled to ride a “powered” bicycle. Today’s women also seek adventure, mental challenge/growth, distractions and plain ole’- fun!

From there to here it’s not been easy – a financial struggle through the challenges our economy has given us. MOTORESS remains “unstoppable”, fuelled by the growing demands of our readers/visitors- you! And we’ve got the industry’s best partners! (Visit our partners next time you’re on the site- click their banners!)

This year marks my 29th celebration of the year I discovered motorcycling; became a licensed motorcyclist! I personally have so many riding plans -still, including a few races this year! Would you believe I’ve never during all these years given up motorcycling or taken a pause from it including-  not owning a motorcycle outside of a few months when I relocated continents? And three decades later, I continue to work for the day when women are no longer a phenomenon in motorcycling but the norm or even the dominate gender! And I think we’re getting closer!

MOTORESS promises to continue thrilling you in 2012!

The MOTORESS New Year’s resolution: to ensure MOTORESS continues providing the best product (content), support (education) and service (information) to our readers /customers while maintaining our core guidelines of “Connecting Women with Motorcycling!”

Looking forward to riding with you once again throughout 2012!

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  1. You are so inspiring! We are planning to go to the Vancouver Motorcycle show on the 21st. I am totally in love with riding. I have switched to my scooter for the winter and am eagerly awaiting the warmer weather & riding my new bike. I was out polishing & cleaning my baby today. Very excited about International Female Ride Day! Planning to get together with a group of friends. Wishing you a happy & healthy and sunny moto year!!

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