Blog: Throw A Turn Into Your Riding, Take A Gas Powered Scooter Ride for 600 Kms In Costume On The Mad Bastard Scooter Rally

2017 Mad Bastard Scooter Rally on MOTORESS
2017 Mad Bastard Scooter Rally

It was the weekend in June when the summer solstice is expected. And on every second year, it’s the weekend I join in on the Canadian born – Mad Bastard Scooter Rally (MBSR) – as was the case this past 24 June, 2017. And this was my fifth.  The rally is now managed by my friends and partners at KYMCO Canada, headquartered in Toronto. This rally is a total fun factored activity, where honestly, I’d do again in a heartbeat!   I’ll tell you why. There is nothing like it…anywhere.  It’s unique and a total “hoot” – as the Canadian expression goes! And don’t misunderstand, it is a tough ride to complete.

Throw A Twist Into Your Riding, Take A Gas Powered Scooter Ride for 600 Km On An Unknown Rural Route In Costume While Solving Riddles Along the Way. Mad Right?

If you are aware of my activities running MOTORESS and as a motorcycling instructor, you’ll comprehend that I enjoy motorcycling at a levels, which includes all forms of it. An endurance scooter rally in costume, might seem to the average rider and outsider as something too – childish or “uncool” to partake in. And maybe so if you’re the type not wanting to “let your guard down”. However, if you’re able to trade your 110 hp motorcycle for an automatic (CVT) 9 hp scooter, then I guarantee you, you will reap the rewards that only a total experience that this rally can offer. Summed up – complete madness!

You’ve heard it said, “Life’s too short to be serious” or “laughter’s the best medicine”? Well, the MBSR is my prescription for just that. It’s a chance to combine your riding stamina and endurance skills along with route negotiating abilities. But the best fun is doing this while foolishly, proudly, riding amidst the public in costume with sixty others – just as crazy as you are!  An escape to madness, to say the least.

Full Throttle For 16 Hours

The MBSR is only for scooters, any size, but 50 cc entries get more points than the 200 cc or the maxi-scooters of 500 and up. You can imagine why – it’s more difficult on a 50 cc scooter. Two out of the five rallies I’ve ridden have been on my KYMCO Bet & Win  . All the others on a KYMCO 50cc of some sort. And even though the route takes many hours longer on the smaller engine, it is still worth it. And believe me there will always be others slower than you.

Why a scooter? Well, the creator of the MBSR didn’t know exactly what to do with a Honda Ruckus 50 cc demo he’d been assigned with for the summer. He ended up riding it with a few friends on a predetermined route for 22 hours straight. The MBSR was born! In my view, the MBSR underlines the power of today’s scooters while changing the attitude towards scooters here in Canada/North America. An attitude which refers to scooters not very much accepted amidst the activity deemed motorcycling. Unless you’ve taken a ride on a scooter of today, you will really never know what a kick they are to use! The power, performance and ease of handling will surprise you. It will be most unexpected. In fact my KYMCO Bet & Win 150 cc will surpass the Ontario speed limits with a strong 120 kp/h reach.

You’ve Got to Do This But You Don’t Have a Scooter?

So here’s the plan, when you’re looking for that new road or racetrack to try; when you’ve heard your rider friends tell you the same story far too many times or you’re itching for a new challenge filled with laughs and no judgements – sign up for the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally. There’s really no way to describe the “experience” of it all. You will just have to do it.

You’ll love the challenge of the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally – the riding, the endless laughs, the unpredictable and gorgeous route – and you’ll especially love the community.  The folks at KYMCO Canada run things seamlessly – like pro’s – and rooted from their deeply rooted family values. And you will feel like one of the family.  This rubs off on every participant. So no fear to sign up solo – you will be warmly welcomed and received.  And if you don’t own a scooter, make arrangements to borrow or lease one. You’ve got until June 2019 to sort this out.

And for me, well, I’m already planning my next costume. After dressing up as the “Man Catcher”, the “MOTORESS Maid Marian’s” – the “Bavarian Beer Maids” – a “Gangster” and this past year, “Cleopatra”- I’m still not at a loss for a costume.

Hope to see you in 2019!


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