BMW HP2 Sport Race Bike Packed a Punch!

Vicki Gray BMW Hp2 Sport
BMW HP2 Sport – Vicki Gray

Yesterday I had the privilege to test four of BMW Motorrad’s sport performance motorcycle models. In that mix was the true “pièce de résistance”, their BMW HP2 Sport model. And it was fully race modified as it was the bike of the Canadian Thunder Race Team . All I can say is “WOW!”

This was a special invite BMW Motorrad media day. We met on Shannonville Race Track Ontario. There were about ten of us. We were all journalists from various media backgrounds. BMW wanted us to test these super sport models under the theme:

“The Evolution of BMW boxer-twin racing motorcycles from the R1100 S to the HP2 Sport”.

Well, the world sort of stopped for me after the 20 minutes of riding on the track. The HP2-is the strongest, lightest, most sportive boxer BMW has ever produced. And though not extremely familiar with BMW’s, at this stage, their characteristics were more than educational. My having the chance of testing such an elite machine not yet on public roads was already in itself a mighty fine opportunity. Adding to the fact, the “icing on the blue and white cake” you might say was that the HP2’s we tested were the Canadian Thunder team’s race bikes—four of them to be exact!

Vicki Gray BMW Hp2 Sport
BMW HP2 Sport – Vicki Gray

My first impression like most first’s in life, clear and total recall and this was a truly great racing statement. It was effortless to guide the new-aged BMW boxer around the track without any personal set-up. I had a great ride outside of my difficulties in not quite comprehending the quick-shifter, standard on the HP2. I’ve never had the luxury of using one before so I managed to get a bit off rhythm during shifts. The bike expressed its disapproval–particularly on acceleration, but I managed to sort it out. The BMW HP2 ease of performance could make a racer out of anyone. It certainly caused me to consider getting back into the sport!

The BMW HP2 has not yet arrived in Canada but is expected this October. Just over thirty-five units are allotted and all are pre-sold. I’m excited to share the complete “how’s” and “why’s” of the HP2 Sport shortly in my full test ride report, including the R1200S, a race prepped F800S and the history behind Canada’s BMW racing team.

The HP2 Sport without dispute is a champ and I do believe it will go down in history as a true collectible. – something I wouldn’t mind keeping my hands on!

*photos by: KEVIN VIRAG for MOTORESS


  1. Nice write-up on a great machine. Yes, I’m a boxer fan with 3 decades on these machines going back to the fabled R69S. You look great on the bike!

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