Ducati 749 Dark Superbike Steadfast and Italian

It was the end of April when I found, purchased, and truly fell in love with the Ducati 749 Dark, exquisite Italian. After a lot of searching, I bought it from the well-known Montreal dealership – Monette Sports. It was additionally a bonus having to drive to Montreal, Canada’s European style culture, with my trailer and pick my future ride. Montreal is a special place!  I’ve not added many kilometres to the Ducati 749 Dark the Superbike I call “Dante”  (as I’ve named him). Yet happy to say that two-thirds of the time spent on the bike has been on the track- which is what he was designed to do – race.

Ducati 749 Dark Superbike - Vicki Gray BLOG - MOTORESS
Ducati 749 Dark Superbike

I’ve not been getting much time to ride this racer, namely due to this summer’s new historical record rain fall, and a busy test ride agenda (other manufacturer bikes  and ride reviews.) There’s really been not much of a chance to ride him on the street. But here’s where it’s not about quantity because the time spent on the Duc has been “magnifico”.

I made a great choice buying the Ducat 749 Dark. It is one machine, when not riding it, which I just love to gawk at. It’s sexy and so radical looking.

It’s odd how one’s preferences change. When the Ducati 749 Dark Superbike came out, I turned my nose up at it. It didn’t look “traditional Ducati” to me. Now, well, I own one and my outlook has obviously changed. The Ducati 749 Dark has this futuristic, contemporary-architectural proclamation about it. And the round steel trellis frame offers incredible race-first performance – and looks awesome!

Oh and his name? It didn’t come easily. “Dante” as in Italy’s famed poet. And the name translated means “stead fast”. I found that a fitting name for him.

Again yesterday I was on the track teaching and enjoyed getting to know the bike better. Yet this also reminded me I’ve really got to get a steering damper and equally sort out the suspension set up.

Vicki Gray Ducati 749 Dark
Vicki Gray Ducati 749 Dark
Ducati 749 Dark Superbike - MOTORESS
Ducati 749 Dark Superbike

Also important for any rider on a sportbike is the rear suspension. Installing one better suited to your personal weight is key. And I’m 51kgs so the result is positive and huge!  Even though there’s much to do with Dante, it’s a pleasure adding him to the bikes I’ve owned. As the 749 is not produced any longer it’s my plan to keep him. A sort of beginning of my new collection this side of the globe.

My former Ducati 900SSC was a 1995. Canadian customs would not allow it into the country. So sadly and most regrettably, I sold it. And I can say, in a decade, “Dante” (he’s a 2005) with computer technology and increased HP/torque, design, style/weight, the machine is astounding. It’s not at all bad to move on to new technology.

Having the Ducati 1098S last year was also a modern-day leap to the next Ducati era after only knowing the 1995 performance. But I can tell you this, if I find a Ducati 900SSC I will definitely buy it!


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