Electrifying times for Motorcycle Riders

Technology is so incredibly exciting! Last year we saw the occurrence of the first ever electrically propelled motorcycle race at the Isle of Man–the “TTXGP” (“Time Trial Xtreme Grand Prix)—ridden without the use of carbon based fuels!

The FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme) created a series for electric bikes after this race while working along side TTXGP series founder Azhar Hussain. Aimed at “driving low-carbon technological innovation forward, to demonstrate that clean-emission transport technologies have matured and can be fun, fast and exciting”, stated the FIM during a press release. The electric motorcycle powered by battery, which, we as savvy “greenly” conscientious beings; has a long list of advantages.

Within this newly explored non gas motorcycle racing exists even a few forms of ebike formats to elect. There’s the model powered solely by stored electricity (battery/accumulator) or, simply a fuel cell class motorcycle. Then there’s the conventional internal combustion engine powered machine fuelled by non carbon based fuel. (i.e. Hydrogen). These need to of course comply with regulations for this race class including 105 dBA noise restrictions, which most likely is not too difficult; and must weigh a minimum of 100 kg and up to 300 kg (race ready mode).

Its not clear how the class sits now as last December odd news unfolded in the electric motorcycle racing arena. Back in 2008 the TTXGP race series was announced, held its first race in June 2009, and all was good. The TTXGP and FIM were actually working together to establish rules, standards, and a worldwide series of sanctioned races. Unfortunately late last fall this alliance went astray with FIM and TTXGP parting ways each running their own series. (read article)

One thing we know for sure the TTXGP is real where to date 15 races are on the calendar—UK, Italy, Spain, USA and even in Canada. The Isle of Man inaugural race in June last year saw 20 participants, fairly substantial!
Visit the TTXGP to find the “eGrandPrix” race date in your country, its not to be missed!

Oh, and don’t bother to bring your earplugs!

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