Sudbury Big Nickel Harley-Davidson Women’s Event

Ever heard of Sudbury? It’s a Northern city in Ontario, and rather famous as it’s known for its nickel mines. Here you’ll also find the worlds largest Nickel—a huge tourist attraction and must see! Sudbury is also the home of one of Ontario’s premier Harley-Davidson dealerships called “The Shop”. A few months back I travelled to the “Great white North” as Canadians often jest, Sudbury, to take part in their grand opening ladies garage party (forgive me for not sharing earlier, its been crazy busy at my desk!) –a terrific event, regardless of the freezing rain which unexpectedly arrived that morning!

The women rider authorities of Deeley Harley-Davidson were in attendance—all of us bringing our enthusiasm and experiences to share with the hundreds of women attending (View Photo Gallery)—looking to get themselves into the life of motorcycling this year!
The Shop was a Harley-Davidson force unto itself-you don’t see too many dealerships of this size. Amidst the Garage Party buzz of activities, and goings on I had the pleasure of hearing first hand from son Erik, the history of this “Kanerva” family business–“The Shop’s” humble beginnings to now mega motorcycling enterprise. What a terrific journey they’ve enjoyed–most certainly one to be very proud of.

So if you’re visiting Ontario and head up to Sudbury, indeed, stop by The Shop and say hello! I guarantee you won’t be able to leave without buying something–they have it all!
Oh and if you’re lucky enough to use the upstairs bathroom you’ll enjoy washing your hands under a highly polished steel/chrome motorcycle tank with handlebar faucets!
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