Impressive Motorcycle Skills of Italian Police Motorcycle Drill Team

 Italian Police Motorcycle Demo - motoress
Italian Police Motorcycle Demo

Here’s a video I came across that’s certain to bring a smile to you face. It’s a synchronized riding demonstration by the Italian police motorcycle drill team for the public and local officials. The kicker is, this was sixty years ago! It was during a time when two-wheeled machinery was simple, likely less manoeuvrable making it even more difficult to control than bikes of today. Indeed, skill played a larger role not failing to mention timing and co-ordination!

Amazing Motorcycle Show

If you’ve ever watched motorcycle trick riding performances or motorcycle stunt shows, you’ll certainly be in awe of this motorcycling performance by the Italian police motorcycle drill team.  And if you are a motorcycle or scooter rider, you’ll likely be in even further amazement watching this while relating to the skills required just to ride slowly.

You’ll see a part in the video where the Italian police motorcycle drill team ride up and over a small bridge. We had to do such a similar thing back in the early 1980’s in order to pass the motorcycle training course.






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