KYMCO Bet & Win Scooter Arrives

Kymco Scooter - Bet & Win 150cc
Kymco Scooter – Bet & Win 150cc

Scooter life has begun! I received my new KYMCO Scooter the Bet & Win 150cc scooter yesterday with custom MOTORESS design inclusive logo and star design! It looks fantastic. It had but 2km showing on the odometer. I later convinced a friend of mine with his Vintage Honda 125cc scooter to join me on an urban, inner city “scoot”. It was but 3C out and chilly. Nonetheless, our excitement warmed us as we explored downtown Toronto.

City Tour by Scooter

We scooted along enjoying many laughs as we cruised along downtown’s’ Yonge Street. Scootering is so giggle inducing!  We went to the heart of Yorkville an upscale trendy area of the city. Zipping here and there on the Kymco scooter while window shopping along the way. A scooter’s automatic transmission, its “twist and go” claim to fame makes riding fun and simple.  The scooter manner makes you feel as though sitting on a chair with wheels. Your legs and feet snugly fitted in behind the scooter front shield yet have free mobility.

You may think in reading this that I’ve not ever been on a scooter before–not the case. I’d just not been on a perky 150cc Kymco scooter!  I tested its stopping power (emergency stop) and brakes are excellent, smooth, responsive–kind, not aggressive. A quiet ride as well, hardly hear the sound of the motor. I did however like the “click-click-click” sound the turn indicators made when in use. These you could hear and I felt this a bonus feature as they remind you to cancel after use.

This is going to be one fun summer! The KYMCO scooter will make urban access a breeze and easy on my gas budget. Plus motorcycle parking in Toronto is FREE!

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