Vote Sasha for Miss Sturgis

It was a few years ago I met Sasha—she and I were chosen as hosts for “Biker Girls: Born to Be Wild” a Discovery Communications production aired on TLC. It was very exciting times–I was flown to Orlando from Amsterdam to co-host this fun and zany show about two very different women motorcycle riders—Sasha the Harley gal and “moi” the RaceGirl on a new Ducati 999s. It was a most interesting experience, all around from filming, working with Sasha, experiencing Daytona Bike Week—and all its scenes. It finally aired on TLC one year after we made it and was a one hour program. The producers said it was a hit—I had no concept being that TLC is not available in Europe. Even though the show aimed to be a reality series, it ended being a one shot deal about Daytona Bike Week—crazy Daytona Bike week.

Sasha and I have remained in contact —she’s a grandiose enthusiast and representative of motorcycling—written books [on women riders], writes songs and continues to be part of the American motorcycling community in her stylish “gypsy rider” way.

Sasha, in a recent email informed me she was competing for the 2008 title of Miss Sturgis. I’ve personally not experienced Sturgis, yet it has a legendary reputation namely among Harley-Davidson enthusiasts. To support Sasha without hesitation, I went to the Miss Sturgis website and voted for her. In my opinion she is deserving of the title not because she is one of the few contestants who actually is a “biker lady” (her website)—but she is intensely into the motorcycling lifestyle.

I hope you’ll join me in supporting her and VOTE for Sasha! Get your vote in before 14 March.

As a funny note–when viewing the other 2008 contestants with their Hooters t-shirts, falling off panties and nick names such as “Nipples” and “Snowbunny”– the best smile arrived when I saw the photo portraying “Miss Sturgis 2005-2006” Debbie Davids. Her rear-end pose showing off messaged underpants which stated “WIDE OPEN”-really amazed me. Not failing to mention the rather delightful grinner in the back ground.

Perusing the Miss Sturgis past and future pictures unquestionably helped me understand more about this Sturgis “thing”–a less than elegant portrayal of women. Oh-my-goodness women of Sturgis—raise the bar. No, not the one where you order a beer ;-) (vote for Sasha)


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