How About Some Motorcycle Race Cake?

Well, of course if you are as fanatic about motorcycling as I am, then this motorcycle race cake form pan is a must. It’s a superbly formed motorcycle racer so if your passion is sport-bike then this will work perfectly. I’ve seen forms for cruisers and choppers but not easy to find a race bike.

Motorcycle Cake on MOTORESSING

Ducati, Kawasaki or BMW Flavoured

And of course, you can make any flavour you wish by adding food colouring – green for Kawasaki, red for Ducati and blue for BMW.

This has to be the best form I’ve ever found as most are in cruiser style, where my preference is sport bike. It’s sold online only in Europe from what I can find. Here’s a link to AmazonUK.

I think I’ll end up filling if with my favourite choice muffin mix of blueberry of carrot.
I’ll also add a little RED icing on the lip area to show that this is a woman rider cake.


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