Motorcycling for Women Loses Smoke but Keeps Fire

Women’s social roles and lifestyles have indeed changed. Hence more women riding motorcycles.
And in this television commercial featuring an anti-smoking aide called “Nicotinell”, the advertisers get the point across by featuring a woman motorcycle rider. In fact it’s the sole theme of their campaign with the tagline, “LOSE THE SMOKE KEEP THE FIRE”.

Lose the Smoke Keep The Fire - MOTORESS

It’s terrific to see realistic motorcycle operation and performed by a woman rider – as happens in this advertisement.  Today, and in the past there are so many women riders and film stunt women. There’s no need, no longer, for male stand-in riders. but we still see them ( IE the Chanel perfume advert)
Woman Rider Depicting Confidence

The ad’s actress and spokeswoman depicts intelligence, confidence with a modern “in control” attitude. And further portrayed with style, and glamour. And when she discovers her new self [without the cigarette] on a motorcycle –  her life passionately comes alive, in full colour.
The advert starts off by saying:

“who will you be without that cigarette in your hands—you’ll never know until you quit”?

The same can be said of motorcycling. You’ll never know how exciting and rewarding motorcycling is unless you try it. In fact how life changing riding can result! And for others how it extends or compliments an already assertive life, a life without limits.

Excellent portrayal and the ad undoubtedly will affect women who have not yet explored motorcycling by sending the message of “get some fire”–learn to ride a motorcycle and discover more about you.

Here’s the full video.


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