Edelweiss Women’s Motorcycle Tour a Fantastic Ride Making History.

Everywhere we went, bystanders and other riders exclaimed with surprise – “all women riders!?” Folks couldn’t believe that the fourteen motorcycles (fifteen including tour guide) pulling into tank stations and roadside stops were piloted entirely by women! We were an admired spectacle to local communities visited during the recently completed Edelweiss Alps and Lakes women’s only tour with MOTORESS!
Sauerkraut, Apfelstrudel, Chiemsee- King Ludwig’s castle, Salzburg truffles- beer gardens, full moon evenings on roof top terraces, historic spots and so much more. All of this accented days filled with superbly ridden roads through German and Austrian picturesque countrysides! We were a group of women who really hadn’t met each other prior to this holiday. Canadians plus one American, Diane from Miami!

Each day started with a typical European buffet breakfast followed by a riders meeting discussing our route and its high points through the area’s we’d visit. For me and as host of the tour, it was a pleasure to observe first hand the enthusiasm of women that had not yet explored EU roads or mountain hair-pin turns, characteristic of Alpine roads.
We were not without challenges as is often the case when travelling-particularly more so by motorcycle. Kate’s Ducati Monster stopped working so she rode the rest of the day on the BMW with me. I sure enjoyed having her as a passenger! Her laughter and fun loving spirit so infectious. She kept her helmet camera rolling so I’m sure she captured great footage! She ended up getting the BMW F650GS for the remainder of the tour and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Then the weather gave us days of damp downpour rain. And in Italy (while I was at hospital with our fallen rider) the group encountered not just thunderstorms but hail! But it was Laura who by exclaiming she’d rather be riding in the rain on these fantastic adventurous European roads than on a dry one in Canada; moved dampened attitudes to an appreciative light.

Yes the unfortunate mishap of one of our riders-second last day of the tour where she had a hair-pin encounter. It resulted in a couple of broken fingers. The hospital in Jossnitz performed surgery right away and with the support of the group she arrived back in Canada and looks to be on the road to riding again very soon!
We were a group of passionate motorcycle enthusiasts -women of ideas, abilities, resolve and determination- and yes camaraderie. We enjoyed supporting each other, sharing great roads, tales, laughs, tips and support. It was a fine experience, yes a fine one indeed!

We’ll be offering another womens only group next year-not sure where but stay tuned.

PS: greetings from The Netherlands!

  1. Motoress,

    It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and share this adventure with such a fantastic group of ladies. Your passion for motorcycling is contagious and I appreciated the tips on how to tackle the curves to widen my line of sight and increase my speed. See you on the road again soon!

    Best regards, Julie

  2. Vicki, Quite enjoyed your article. I had no idea that events like yours existed. I met Diane from Miami during the last AMA’s Women’s Motorcycling Conference in Keystone, Colorado, a year ago this week. The sisterhood in motorcycling offers a comradarie that spans all ages, from newbies to veterans. It makes us a smiling, happy, gregarious, and accomplished group of riders. I look forward to news of next years ride. Sincerely, Nancy Knapp

  3. Sounds like an absolutely fantastic adventure!

    Greetings from all your friends at KYMCO Canada!

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