Motorcycle Ambulance Reducing Teenage Childbirth Fatalities

In Sudan, according to the United Nations, a 15-year old girl has a greater chance of dying in childbirth than finishing school, but they have new hope of a reduction in avoidable deaths with the motorbike ambulance.Motorcycle Ambulance Vicki Gray BlogIt’s an odd looking vehicle, yet nothing really that different than a type of side-car. Its producing huge results providing quick and necessary care for those in developing worlds. Recently a network of UK charities called PONT (Partnerships Overseas Networking Trust)  have funded several of the lifesaving vehicles in the Ugandan region of Mbale, hoping to reduce fatality rates. The motorcycle ambulance was made popular during the early days of World War I for its speed and mobility in getting patients off dangerous battlefields quickly. Today, in Sudan the motorcycle ambulance is still proving itself advantageous in numerous ways!

A recent partnership by UNICEF and the state Ministry of Health in Sudan, for the provision of the motorbikes, have declared that “all women must deliver in the hospital for the safety of their babies”. In Malawi, the motorcycle ambulance’s nearly doubled the number of women giving birth in health facilities, and cut the number needing emergency operations by half (UNICEF statistics). In some areas of Malawi nineteen motorcycle ambulances can be bought for the price of one Toyota land cruiser car ambulance, creating a greater coverage area, huge economic advantages for job creation and better fuel efficient costs for patients and local health facilities.

Here is a great video introducing the ambulance and underlining its use!

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