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International Female Ride Day - MOTORESS
International Female Ride Day – Clare’s Cycle

This Friday is the first ever National Female Ride Day, an initiative of mine, through my company platform, This is something I’ve wanted to make happen for some years now. It’s going to take place every year on the first Friday of May, and will eventually be International Female Ride Day.

The response, the enthusiasm, the support from women motorcyclists throughout Canada and unpredictably, the United States has gone far beyond my expectations.
The day and I can say this based on the hundreds of emails and responses, is very well received –embraced by women riders everywhere. I consider myself fortunate as I get to view every email and comment–motivating.

International Female Ride Day Mojo - MOTORESS
International Female Ride Day Mojo

Today in the post box, I received a copy of the May/June 2007 Canadian publication called Motorcycle Mojo. It was sent to me by editor Glenn Roberts to view a reader’s response in their “Say What?” section. The magazine is a supporter of #ifrd. It was lovely to see a terrific comment for the Durham HOG ladies group regarding their participation in upcoming IFRD. (see photo scan insert).

Then, an associate of mine suggested I “Google” International Female Ride Day, and voilà! The buzz that’s going on within forums, websites, blogs as well as the plans being put into place are most impressive.  Even the is busy with visitors, inquiries, viewings and today again hit over 1,100 individual unique visitors. Try to imagine, standing inside your room are 1,100 people all enjoying a look around. And now, today, those numbers are ever greater.

So, Friday we ride, to work, to school, to meet friends; solo or in groups. National Female Ride Day brings all styles, forms, ages and brands together, that’s exactly the idea because at the end of the day, it’s quite simply about motorcycling and being – female!


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