Kudos to Only Woman Rider Winner of National Harley-Davidson Contest

It’s been over a year since I judged Canada’s National Harley-Davidson “Show & Shine Contest”. Once you win you’re always termed “a winner”. The reason I say that is so I don’t feel badly, just slightly ashamed, about this overdue mention to the only woman rider winner of the Harley-Davidson contest – Keeley Ward.

Keeley Ward contest Winner on MOTORESS
Keeley Ward

A while back I received an email from Keeley saying, “You made particular mention that you were the ONLY female judge …well I was the winner of the Sportster class and I was the ONLY female winner!!!” This indeed was true.
So here a HUGE shout out and acknowledgement to Keeley. Good going!

Suppose I was very busy with announcing the winners and honestly the name Keeley didn’t seem a typical woman’s name so no bells rung for me at the time.
But none the less, women need to be acknowledged especially when out numbered as Keeley was. As judges we were not informed of any details about the contestants which as you can imagine, makes good sense; -no preferential slants in our choices. We make our decisions without favourtism.

Keeley sent in her winning picture, shared with you here. She expresses that this photo was taken the day of the show where she was selected by Mackie Harley-Davidson in Ontario. She states there was no award trophy but a gift card and unfortunately hasn’t photos of when she later received her National Prize.

Keeley congrats to you yet again!
Keep an out for Keeley- she’s (quote)“a real estate agent by day! and biker by night!!! LOL”.
Thanks Keeley for setting things straight!

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