Motorcycle Passenger Safety Harness Ignores Female Rider Friendliness

Motorcycle Passenger Safety Harness - MOTORESS Blog
Motorcycle Passenger Safety Harness

The motorcycling industry on a whole these days is applying its best efforts to ensure women are considered as equal tender in motorcycle marketing. But as women rider numbers expand there are still many steps taking women riders backwards. This was clear when I first caught sight of the new “Passenger Safety Accessory” called the “MotoGrip”.

The pictures typically depict the male as the motorcycle rider and the woman as the passenger. It wasn’t this reason which caused me to twinge, it was the design of the “MotoGrip” passenger safety harness! The harness shown here, if worn by a woman motorcycle rider, lies directly across the breast area and appears incredibly unsuitable, likely uncomfortable for any woman. And I wonder if the straps are widely adjustable to fit various sized chests?

Motorcycle Passenger Safety Harness
Woman as Passenger

Funnily enough, there are vast numbers of women riders who have children or a partner who enjoys riding on the back of their motorcycle. The MotoGrip may actually be a product for mom’s which could provide more “peace of mind” (MotoGrip Junior) when riding their younger kids around.  Many marketers are still not concerned with women motorcycle riders. In this particular case, it would be as simple as introducing a female version of the item! It would further be satisfying to the female demographic to show a woman rider in their promo material as the rider.

Motorcycle Passenger Safety Harness - MOTORESS
Motorcycle Passenger Safety Harness

It continues to strike me as unusual, that with women steering our  global economies and controlling 80% of all household spending continue to be overlooked on most motorcycle targeted accessories.

Then again, there may be another reason at play about this harness – as in my case, any passenger I’ve taken on the back of my motorcycle has never had any qualms about holding on! ;-)

Note:  For the record, I’m not convinced in any way that the passenger assisted grip works or provides any form of security for a motorcycle passenger; and do not endorse this product.


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  1. Agreed, Vicki……like you, I consider the ‘natural’ female grips to work best.

    All kidding aside, much of this sort of gender-non-neutral advertising and product development is slowly but surely “biting the bullet”. Motorcyling HAS had a long, long history of male orientation and it’s going to take some time to weed out all the dinosaurs (both people AND products) that have been the mainstays of the industry for a seventy-five years or so.

    It’s coming, though…..largely thanks to boundary-breakers like you!

    Best regards……and best of the season.

    Michael Scott

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