Blog: Playboy Bunny Women Enforce MotorSport Still a Male Arena

Playboy Bunnies MotoGP - MOTORESSING

When I initially heard the news that the French MotoGP Randy de Puniet received sponsorship from Playboy Italy, I threw my arms up in the air exclaiming- unbelievable surrender! I knew this meant there’d be PLAYBOY bunnies in the MotoGP paddock. It wasn’t enough we women had to deal with the numbers of nearly naked umbrella girls, but now there’d be a flood of official Playboy bunny representatives.

Predictably, Rand de Puniet had a PLAYBOY photo shoot with a centrefold expert before the onset of season 2009. The photos were also posted in full view over the web. This included the LCR Honda MotoGP Team website which was now his factory ride since leaving Kawasaki behind in 2007.

Additionally, being that the theme was a playful one-  he too posed “sexy-like” and in fact, looks really good. And I’d say manly and potently threatening enough, without the “bunny” accessory.

Playboy Bunnies MotoGP - MOTORESSING

Whether the bunnies helped or not we won’t know as De Puniet enjoyed a reasonable finish for 2009 season with an 11th place finish.   I do wonder what will happen when women finally (equally not just a one off season thing) populate the entries of motorcycle racing within the MotoGP series? Questioning with specific regard to this track record (no pun intended) of the years of demonstrative male potency. It will be interesting. And at least for now, the MotoGP riders themselves are truly superhuman examples of sex appeal, handsomeness, fitness and phenomenal talent. The basics in themselves are rather entertaining and satisfying for heterosexual female gender as is the case for me.

Oh…here’s a pic of my very own umbrella guys at a race on Zandvoort Circuit in The Netherlands. Classy wouldn’t you say?

RaceGirl Vicki Gray with Umbrella Boys - Zandvoort The Netherlands
My Own Feat of Motorsport Emancipation – My Umbrella “Guys” – Zandvoort The Netherlands

Three cheers for emancipation!



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  1. Vicky ,I must say! You look fantastic with your own umbrella boy!!!! You are an inspiration to all women riders. I am a new rider and I came cross your site looking for advice on how to choose a good helmet.However, found more then that on your site.I am glad I found you and after reading this article you have won my respect!!!

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