Precious Metal Women’s Motorcycling Playground By Harley-Davidson

Precious Metal A Woman's Motorcycle Themed Playground By Harley-Davidson
Precious Metal By Harley-Davidson

Once again I had the fortune to attend this years Toronto Harley-Davidson Garage Party extraordinaire the “Precious Metal Gala”! It’s a concept inviting women who don’t ride yet but have contemplated learning, to get a taste of the motorcycling lifestyle according to Harley-Davidson; to entice women further. This is the focus behind Harley-Davidson Garage Party programs for women motorcycle riders – and they work!

So, here I share a cute picture taken at the event which was a souvenir for all (individually); superimposed on the background of “DOLCE VITA” – Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, making it seem we made the cover of this glossy publication! Here you’ll see two of my rider gal-pals and myself pictured on a one of Harley’s chrome steeds. Of course three up is just not realistic but it was a great idea for the photo. And as in the fantasy, imagine we just pulled up on the red carpet and are striking a pose! Fun!
The evening featured dancers, fashion shows, the classic bike lift workshop, and clothing/gear to try-out including a cute TV commercial reading with a handsome leading man sponsored by the cosmetic brand “Balm Shell”! The food was delectable with drinks styled after  “Sex and The City” episodes. It was an all-round fun time.

The event occurred in Toronto’s famed Distillery District at the Fermenting Cellar. This downtown village within a city is one of my favourite areas and that of Harley too, for this is the same place they held their 105th bash. At that time I was testing their Night Train —love that bike!

It was great to chat with Karen Davidson at the Precious Metal party once again – flown in to host an evening of chrome amusement. I trust they’ll be another one next year and I’ll hope to take part. The entire evening’s proceeds, with tickets at $75.00 per person all went to Rethink Breast Cancer

Oh did I mention there were buff  “Calvin Klein” types young male models wandering around selling tickets? For the charity?

Girl’s night out thank you Harley-Davidson – bout’ due for another one!


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