RaceGirl Motorsport Finish and Transition to MOTORESS

Racegirl Motorsport is MOTORESS
Today is a heartbreaking but invigorating day as the original RACEGIRL (formerly www. Racegirl.nl) has been officially retired and removed from the Internet. Though she’ll not entirely disappear as her legacy will be kept alive as the newly transitioned MOTORESS. However, her decade of worldwide motorsport contribution for women in motorcycling and motorsport as Racegirl – has now finished.

MOTORESS was created to replace RACEGIRL even so, it’s not easy pulling the plug on a community that millions enjoyed. It’s been thrilling and rewarding beyond expression bringing to the motorcycling community the first truly female motorsport focused website, the only one like it, ever, worldwide (we do our homework and research and with confidence can make such a claim).

RACEGIRL The World’s First Ever Online Community / Website for Women Motorcycle Riders

It was back in 1998 early spring, her creation started where following in January 1999 saw RACEGIRL launched into the world wide web. And what a gigantic hit she became! EAch year her growth and popularity grew – with interest and admiration by many. She did so well and became so popular that she even generated internet traffic which assisted sales for the totally unrelated American t-shirt brand of same name RACEGIRL (with a focus on clothing and the famed American car cult of NASCAR).

MOTORESS was born to provide a broader community than RACEGIRL could. RACEGIRL rather obviously spoke of racing and admittedly not a realistic goal for most women. MOTORESS relates to all women and even though many saw beyond RACEGIRL’S reference to racing, appreciating the portrayal of women in a new light, one of no limits, of intelligence, of skill, sophistication—and femininity, MOTORESS speaks to all.

For nearly a decade, when no one thought of it, RACEGIRL encouraged, supported and motivated women of all ages. Women motorcycle riders and enthusiasts of diverse origins and countries worldwide to pursue and discover motorcycling.

So as many bid farewell to RACEGIRL she’ll never be gone from our spirits, especially mine as she was created from my own passion for racing – from a true RACEGIRL’S soul.

Three cheers RACEGIRL and in the language of your birth country, The Netherlands —“Gefeliciteerd! Lang zal ze leven in de Gloria”.

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