Racer Costello Knows How to Get to the Palace on Time!

What a fitting entrance racer Maria Costello made to Buckingham palace last week! She arrived just in time to accept her prestigious MBE (Member British Empire) award–by motorcycle. Maria received the MBE in recognition of her many achievements as a racer and for services to motorcycling in Britain.

Certainly when one has an appointment at Buckingham Palace, you can speak of Princes, Princesses and “knights in shining armour”–which for Maria was truly, no imaginary tale.

Maria was running late, stuck in London’s thickly staggering traffic. Fear she wasn’t going to make it, she contacted a friend working at London based Virgin Limo Bikes. He was able to weave through city traffic, rescue her, and deliver her on time to the palace!

Passengers of Virgin Limo Bikes service carry everything a passenger needs. Arai SZ open faced helmets, Hein Gericke protective and weatherproof clothing (including gloves). And for ladies wearing a skirt, such was the case with Maria; Virgin Limo Bikes provide a “tablier”, French for “apron” –more like a waterproof blanket, making the skirt attire a non-issue.
When the Prince of Wales jokingly asked her if she arrived by motorbike, Maria replied “Funnily enough, I did!”

Though not piloting the motorcycle herself, chauffeured to the palace by two wheeled chariot, rescued by a “knight in shining motorcycle gear”, is without a doubt a most fitting tale for the first Lady of the woman’s fastest lap record, Isle of Man(*note fastest lap is now held by Jennifer Tinmouth)

Congrats once again Maria on your well earned, and admired honour.

View interview video.

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