Ride Lake Superior on a Motorcycle. You Will Love the Roads!

Epic Motorcycle Ride Lake Superior
Epic Motorcycle Ride Lake Superior

Last summer I spent nine glorious days riding a Triumph Street Triple R around the complete perimeter of the greatest of the Great Lakes – Superior. Termed an Epic Motorcycle Ride Lake Superior, it truly was a brilliant experience. The combination of the bike’s performance, the roads, the wilderness – made me ever more fond of Ontario’s North. The incredible stunning freedoms we experience on these northern roads, on a motorcycle can only be best described by experiencing it yourself.

And if you are considering a tour to ride Lake Superior this summer- it’s really one that will leave you satisfied on so many levels. Here’s a paragraph from my tale … “The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down of the big lake they called Gitche Gumeeeee…”! Helmet acoustics are fabulous I thought to myself, and continued to sing aloud Gordon Lightfoot’s “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald“. Though a tragic tale of loss, I enjoyed its catchy melody. I lifted my toe in sync with the song’s rhythm, tipping the Triumph into sixth gear and still further along the wood-lined road to its hilltop. I rode on past the parking lot and along the foot path to the monument’s base. I turned off the bike, dismounted and walked towards the towering one-legged bronze man, runner Terry Fox. It was here, 18 miles from Thunder Bay in 1980, his Great Marathon of Hope ended. I walked over to the look-out deck, and to the panorama of Lake Superior and Thunder Bay. I could see from where I’d ridden and to where I’d ride”.

This was the furthest North in Ontario I had ridden… read the full story.

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