Riding Georgian Bay Loop – The Road Was All Mine!

What a lonely road this is, isn’t it? It’s really any motorcyclists dream. No cars, no traffic lights, no interference – just the wide open road and the sensation of the ride! This is found along the Georgian Bay Loop or Coastal Tour.

Georgian Bay Road was Mine - MOTORESS
Georgian Bay Road

Recently I took a fabulous motorcycle road trip. It seemed to really unfold its adventure a few hours north of Toronto, once I crossed onto the Bruce Peninsula. I was off to explore the Georgian Bay Loop, also called the Coastal Route. I couldn’t believe I’d not been on these roads until now! The nature and superb riding conditions could not have been better! Oddly, and I believe I’m timing this perfectly -on the anniversary of the classic film “The Wizard of OZ” (12 August 1939) – one of the films many and special messages kept rolling over in my mind …”you need never look further than your own back yard”. True enough Dorothy!

Here’s the full story – “Make Your own Discoveries- Ride Georgian Bay”
I hope you’ll enjoy it and venture to the area to make a few of your own.
And be sure to give me a call so I can join you. ;-)

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