International Female Ride Day Spring Board to Motorcycle Riding Season

Too fast!  Time is speeding by. How is it that just over a month ago I was out there riding, enjoying the sensations motorcycling invokes; while women riders from all parts of the globe did the same. It was during the celebration of International Female Ride Day.Blog Vicki Gray International Female Ride Day
And now, I look back and my personal photos of the Toronto’s rally are still not on my Facebook page nor are the photos sent in by other women rider participants. We’ve not posted summaries of the exciting events around the world. It’s all because, after the first Friday of May we “hit the ground riding” – full on with motorcycle season!

As women, we tend to have a ‘super woman’ outlook and mindset that we can do it all. Yes, add more to our days, pile on the tasks, the commitments and push forward in constant productivity. And on top of that when it comes to motorcycling we passionately WANT to do it all particularly in this location, Ontario, where the season is super short. We have the pressure of the long winter which will be here all too soon! Furthermore, multitudes of events occur every weekend – I know of half a dozen happenings right now that I would enjoy taking part in!
Lately, it seems things can’t get done fast enough. And when things don’t, I take comfort in knowing women relate because that’s how we all live our lives- all of us.

Giving, doing, and sacrificing while pushing ever forward. But we’ll get there – as will the photos from International Female Ride Day.

Nonetheless and most importantly is the fact that – we did it – we succeeded! We rode together on International Female Ride Day with a force and presence around the world – a world that took notice!

See you again on 4 May 2012!

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