Rollicking on Harley-Davidson Rocker C Softail

Harley-Davidson Rocker C Vicki Gray
Harley-Davidson Rocker C with Vicki Gray

I’ve enjoyed a terrific riding experience on Harley-Davidson Rocker C. It’s a new FXCW  C Softail called the Rocker C. This was admittedly, my first true Harley-Davidson experience. The fact is that at the time of this ride, my riding history had been that of sport bikes and off-road motorcycles (sure I’ve had a couple short stints on earlier H-D models). The outcome? More please….more!

This test ride came about a few weeks ago where Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada arranged for me to use their new FXCW Softail Rocker C in “Crimson Red Sunglo Deluxe” to attend Ontario’s famed Port Dover Friday the 13th —a sort of mini Daytona. Upon first look, the Rocker C’s fat 240 mm rear wheel, 37.5 degree raked out front end, placed it as a custom, a cruising machine —but not for me, I treated it like a sport bike and let me assure you, it performed. The Rocker C with a total gross weight rating of 1175 lbs / 533 kg’s had me beat; I weigh 51kg. Yet after collecting the bike, heading down the street to a shopping mall parking lot to become acquainted with this tall drink of a machine, I accomplished slow speed small tight circles with astonishing ease, balance and maneuverability. Even later I easily walked beside it maneuvering it as a bicycle in parking spaces with little challenge.

When riding at roadway/highway speed I attacked the corners continuously with sport bike and racing mindset; it’s what I know and the bike responded. Admittedly when scraping the rubber off my boot heels in corners, I decided, out of respect for its price tag to ease off a bit. The fact was that  it’s not the right time or place to test the Rocker C’s limits.

Additionally, I discovered an addictive delight when turning the 1584 cc, air-cooled, twin cam 96B push rod operated engine over. The sound, just hearing it ignite to idle, yes the renowned Harley-Davidson sound was perfectly moving. I’ve discovered I’m no different; there is something very special about the noise, the bike, which I just couldn’t escape. As in other motorcycles, I thrill at the acceleration sounds the MotoGP bikes make crossing the start finish line, the rumble of my own Ducati or even the sound of a military fighter jet when doing a fly by. Powered sounds that break barriers provoke a certain sensation in me, as did the Harley-Davidson Rocker C.

Its unique Rockertail suspension gave me added muse when performing say a push-steer from lane to lane! And then when planting into my final lane, or exiting out of a fast corner, it would end with a smooth rocker “dip” sensation. It brought a smile to my face – every time!

The Harley-Davidson Rocker C is a fabulous motorcycle with many unique features. It’s now definitely on my “must have” list.





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