South Africa’s First Woman of Colour Female Motorcycle Rider Motocrosser

Dolly Mdiniso, from Kensington Johannesburg South Africa had never ridden a motorcycle. She grew up in Soweto, the second of four siblings raised by a single mother, graduated from high school and got a job. But all she ever really wanted to do was ride a motorcycle. It’s probably the dream of many but for Dolly it was a silent passion- until she came across an advert in a local magazine for a woman’s motorsport day.dolly mdiniso First Black MotoCross on Motoress

At thirty three, older than most riders entering into motocross, she arrived at “Wild Thing Raceway” with little idea of what to expect, but convinced instructor Neil van der Ross that her passion to learn and ride bikes was genuine.

Neil took her under his wing from that day forward and patiently trained Dolly into a competent and able motocrosser, utilizing his own time, money and resources. Neil decided to approach Yamaha for possible assistance. They immediately saw it as a great opportunity to promote motocross, and motorsport in general, to the greater population of Southern Africa – and to women and couldn’t pass up the chance to support Dolly.

South African’s in Gauteng and within the motocrossing circuits are very proud of Dolly, for you see – she is South Africa’s First Black Female Motorcycle Rider / Motocrosser! Feeling very proud of the fact herself, she has big plans and wants to try hare scrambles, enduro, Supermoto and even circuit racing!

She’ll be a great influence to women in Johannesburg area. Go Dolly!

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