Training Wheels on a Scooter Keep you Balanced

Training Wheels on a Scooter Keep you Balanced
Training Wheels on a Scooter Keep you Balanced

Not ever in my over 30 years of riding have I seen, considered or thought of training wheels for a motorcycle. But they do exist so let’s digest the idea.

I stumbled upon these training wheels when visiting Scooty website in India. When simply having a look over their product line I discovered a scooter featured with “training wheels”. Training Wheels on a Scooter Keep you BalancedAs you can see in the picture, the wheels are attached to the centre-stand a very interesting concept. I suppose these small wheels and brackets wouldn’t really be that difficult to design and it might make sense for those with balancing problems. I know there are still country’s where women are not permitted to ride or learn to ride bicycles.  This might be a solution.

Though it is not that common but when I’m teaching someone to learn to ride a motorcycle,  I meet students with no earlier bicycle riding experience. Unlike when training someone to ride who has not driven a standard stick-shift car, training a new student to ride when they’ve not yet learned to be stable on two wheels is much harder. They need to not only balance on two wheels but at the same time manage/cope with the extra weight of a motorbike and all else which accompanies good riding at the same time.

I think the big question here is, do the training wheels work? They don’t seem  to appear all that strong. Nevertheless, I’m certain this manufacturer wouldn’t provide them if they didn’t do the trick. And remember, this scooter is 80cc and similar to many smaller scooters, are not that weighty.

Scooter Training Wheels - Blog MotoressThe wheels and their small attachment can be removed once the rider is safe to ride alone.

These training wheels are a good idea for those riders not confident with balancing.  Though I would ensure they are but a very temporary stage on the path to fully controlling and riding a motorbike.


  1. This training wheels are ideal for senior citizens and people with a disability (like myself) who still enjoy riding motorcycles but limited on their budget as trikes are more expensive than the traditional 2 wheel motorcycles.

  2. I appreciate your confidence that they wouldn’t manufacture it if it didn’t work and wasn’t safe. Yet consumer protection agencies are never out of work monitoring mfgs that don’t know this yet. Nevertheless, with the Boomers aging, i hope we soon see more safe (and more hefty?) variations on this. I love my Vespa (150cc), but my balance just isn’t quite what it used to be. I’d love this added measure of confidence.

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