Will American Armed Forces Women Appreciate Harley-Davidson’s Marisa Miller Advert?

 American Armed Forces Women Appreciate Harley-Davidson’s Advert?
American Armed Forces Women Appreciate Marisa Miller Advert?

It seems to always be “about the boy”. In recent Harley-Davidson advert famed American super model Marisa Miller was used. She posed, yet again, on a Harley-Davidson for the Motor Company’s latest campaign created to pay homage to active and retired US military personnel. Harley has declared November as “Military Appreciation Month.” They’ve chosen Marissa Miller as the spokes model.

The “blonde bombshell” Miller said she was delighted to support “those who keep us riding free.” Admittedly the ads are cute and of course sexy.    But, isn’t this a bit sexist? Has anyone considered the thousands of women serving?  Shouldn’t there be the offering up of a sex-symbol-handsome super model male? Or even a trans-gender, gay of otherwise person?

American Armed Forces Women Make UP Nearly Twenty Percent Of The Population

The female presence steadily increases in the US Armed Forces. This, even outside of the arguments that focus on the physical differences between men and women; on differing mind-sets, and the effects upon one sex by the presence of the other on the battlefield.  Women make up nearly 20% of the numbers, varying among services –  Army, 13.4% (68,046); Navy, 12.8% (55,830); Marines, 4.6% (8,093); Air Force, 16.0% (64,147). (*Sourced 1996/2005 David F. Burrelli/ Foreign Affairs and National Defense Division.)

Recently, even Oprah Winfrey had a feature on her show about “Women Serving in the Armed Forces“!Will American Armed Forces Women Appreciate Harley-Davidson on MOTORESS

Other countries have used women as often as men, to fight in their wars. Take the 800,000 women who served in the Soviet military during World War II, of which nearly 70% saw front line action.

Over four years ago, shown here,  is the historic group photo of the first all-female crew to fly a combat mission on the Lockheed C-130 Hercules.  Pictured left to right, Staff Sgt. Josie E. Harshe, flight engineer; Capt. Anita T.

Mack, navigator; 1st Lt. Siobhan Couturier, pilot; Capt. Carol J. Mitchell, aircraft commander; and loadmasters Tech. Sgt. Sigrid M. Carrero-Perez and Senior Airman Ci Ci Alonzo.

Keanu Reeves on MOTORESS

So here in honour of women currently serving, and those who have, here one of our favourite photos of Keanu Reeves looking sexy as ever, on a motorcycle. And he really does ride!  #emancipation





  1. For me, I’d rather see a real rider on a bike, someone like Troy Bayliss or Valentino Rossi. So I guess the rest of the magazine is full of photos for me to look at, and the guys can just read the ads!

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