Woman Motorcycle Riders in Ontario You’ve Still Got time to Race!

Have you been close? Did you before? Well here’s your chance to get back on the track and race before the seasons done!

Woman motorcycle Rider on Motoress

Toronto Motorsports Park” also referred to as “Cayuga” in South Western Ontario hosts the popular race series SOAR and for their final seasons’ race on 11-13 September, there’s still room in the women’s only class for you! There’s nothing like the exhilaration motorcycle competition provides–the fun, the kick—regardless whether you win or not it’s just simply a blast!

SOAR racing boasts that their women’s class is starter friendly (also good for those of you who haven’t raced for a few years)—allowing newcomers the chance to give road racing a shot, you know, without feeling the pressure to produce results. And let’s face it not everyone wants to be a racer superstar –many simply enjoy the thrill of the track and the chance to occasionally compete.

Road racing can be perceived as a costly endeavour–really it doesn’t take a lot to get you and your bike on the track. That’s what it’s about, not the fancy race suit or the paint job, tyre warmers or an RV, you and the bike on the track. Certainly you need experience, this is not for new riders; you’ll know if you’ve got enough operational skills to participate.

Each woman motorcycle rider will have to ensure her machinery meets track/race requirements including the required riding gear. Don’t panic when you open the rule book doc. If you’ve been on the race track this year or own a sport bike, chances are you’re already close to having most of the requirements.

Your license fee for this one time race event is CAD$50. plus the one time registration fee of CAD$100. FAST, RACE and ARC school certificates are acceptable rider schooling criteria to get you on the tarmac.

Could there be a better grand finale to your riding season?

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