Women’s Motorcycle Track Day – Lovin’ Their Curves on Shannonville

Vicki Gray Motorsport Instructor MOTORESSWe had such a terrific day during recent F.A.S.T. school on Ontario’s Shannonville race track. This particular course date, along with another one on 11 August provides a woman’s only group – Women’s Motorcycle Track Day event . We had nine women new to the track and at the course completion you would NEVER have known it was their first track riding experience. Well that’s all due to Michel Mercier’s years of proven teaching methods.
We managed three training groups throughout the day with one group entirely women only. We were four instructors (three male and myself) offering ample attention to the groups needs.  he conditions were perfect for circuit riding – dry, sunny, slight breeze accented by the scent of high performance sport bikes.
It’s so rewarding to introduce women,  well, any rider for that fact, to the art of motorcycle cornering and higher speed riding. Really this can only be [best] learned on the circuit. My reward is always observing the amplified skills and techniques of the riders. And of course their HUGE smiles.
Women's Track Day Training on MOTORESS

Great group shot isn’t it? Special thanks to FLAIR photo for their track side photo service and professional photographic talents!

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