Women Satisfied Need for Speed at FAST Motorcycle Track School

Perfection- full sun, a dry sticky tarmac, high performance sport bikes and a full day ahead to ride fast on a race track! Could there be anything better?

It really goes without saying, the reward I get out of teaching, especially on the track. Once again “girl power” was in high action within our recent “women’s only” group at the F.A.S.T. training day on Shannonville race circuit (east of Toronto). It’s so gratifying, beyond words, observing the progress these riders experience throughout the day!

At F.A.S.T., for years, riders are given the right environment and equipment to move their riding technique to the next level. The progress is a real reward to see—especially when you witness first hand the moment the “fever” takes over! That’s the point where you know, as an instructor, you’ve succeeded. Skill, technique, and then rider assurance-the fun expands!

Do these women want to race? Yes some do, but most want to improve skills and try out track riding; moving technique to the next level. What I like to say is add some more ability and options to your “basket of skills”. Of course just the experience of the track, riding without obstacles, stop signs or traffic signals, only lovely corners is just the greatest kick!

At the end of course, I have the challenging task of deciding who gets the “top rider” award. Never easy, as each of these gals achieved top performance and moved their skills up quite some notches. But there can only be one, and that went to an excellent young rider who has had some challenges on the road that stifled advancement. I believe those hurdles have disappeared!

I’m at it again next week- see you on the track!

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