Women’s Motorcycle Ride Day Kick Off Coolness

Last Friday on International Female Ride Day, there were many locations and cities and countries that enjoyed much fairer weather than we did during the Toronto city kick off at Princes’ Gates. The weather called for rain and high winds, yet I kept the faith, as did many hoping it would change at the last moment. It didn’t—it was cold, foggy, wet and windy. Certainly expecting women riders, any motorcyclists to travel into the city on such an unpleasant weather day was unrealistic—I didn’t expect a great attendance. There were a few dedicated enthusiasts, who upon arrival were treated to a lovely warm coffee ala Bob of Kawasaki Motors Canada and Darryl of the Toronto Motorcycle Shows. Yes, men [too] arrived in support, in cars—as did other women, again the weather was not a pleasant invite to ride.After our kick off we dispersed—those of us on bikes to enjoy breakfast in a warm cosy coffee-flowing diner while sharing fun and stories of riding.The photos arriving at MOTORESS depict more fortunate ride day pleasures—even Newfoundland, where ice and snow are still on the ground, enjoyed a day warm enough for a small ride. For my finale of the day, a day that I thought I’d join many rides happening around the Toronto area, I spent the evening with the ChicRiders. We shared dinner and celebrated a final close of the day while making fair weather plans for the riding days ahead.

Good weather or not, we did it! We all joined in, together, gaining attention, highlighting our numbers –endorsing this activity, motorcycling enjoyed by women everywhere! And I know we certainly inspired a few others to take the handlebars and just ride!
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  1. It was such an eye opener, nice to see such an event like that, great inspirational work for women bikers…

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