“The thrill starts with the skill”!

Vicki Gray

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To say I’m an advocate for safe, fun, motorcycling is an understatement. Today, my life continues to be lived passionately, and fully in motorcycling. And I say honestly, that I’m as  enthusiastic about the sport today as the day I discovered the sport and learned to ride – over three decades ago!

My life continues to be an unfolding of  “all things motorcycling”. I engage and participate in all its forms. As an instructor both on street and track, I’ve had the privilege to teach the craft of motorcycling to thousands of riders – those new to the sport or seeking advancement. This includes the police in the Caribbean (Netherlands Antilles); road race licensing in Europe and North America as well as co-teaching race events with such renowned names as former MotoGP racer Katja Poensgen! I’ve ran and orchestrated the first “all women track sessions” on the famous TT Circuit Assen, and co-hosted a television program for the Discovery Channel. These are just a few highlights of my life on two-wheels  including one of the most exciting personal times of my moto-life,  sponsorship by Ducati and  by World Championship Superbike / World Supersport team Ten Kate Honda! 

To Make Change, You  Have To Be The Change

Of both Canadian and Dutch nationality, I was born in Ontario, Canada. The overall direction of MOTORESS® is set solely by my ambitions and goals for riders. It’s been said “to make the change, you have to be the change” and this is how MOTORESS®, the vehicle for my objectives in motorcycling continues to succeed.

Before become an entrepreneur, I had numerous diverse careers in business development and marketing throughout North America, Europe and The Caribbean. Market segments included were the health and beauty sector, telecoms and numerous years in the medical publication industry in Strategic Publication Planning (Excerpta Medica Amsterdam, a Reed Elsevier company).

And Then Came RaceGirl Motorsport

It was in 1998 I founded RaceGirl Motorsport, a non-profit motorcycle training and support community headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I ran this alongside my personal road racing activities and full time career(s). I built the renowned global brand RaceGirl and its website which was the FIRST WEBSITE IN THE WORLD for women motorcycle riders –to make a place for women in motorsport to grow. RaceGirl’s courses, on-line articles and workshops encouraged women, enhance skills and worked to expand the female motorcycle riding community – at all levels.

With RaceGirl’s explosive International growth and popularity, I decided to create to dive in full time with a brand which would speak to and satisfy the entire range of women’s riding disciplines. So, in 2005 I rebranded RaceGirl into MOTORESS®  I created this name from the Dutch word MOTOR, meaning “motorcycle” and added  “ess”, a suffix of femininity, to complete it.  I then relocated MOTORESS® to Toronto, its current International head office.

Vicki Gray Founder Motoress

The International Female Ride Day Movement

In 2007 in introduced International Female Ride Day with the them “JUST RIDE!”. This is the only global women’s motorcycling event. Its success now over a decade has redefined it as the strongest, most substantial women’s motorcycle movement in history. A global phenomenon and an important mechanism for the motorcycle industry.

My experience rises well over 30 years as a motorcycle instructor both in North America, Europe and the Caribbean. My knowledge gained me a role in 2010 as one of the presenting instructors, and only woman, for the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme Commission (FIM) International Experienced Rider Training Symposium (ERTS). This was hosted in Canada by the Canadian Motorcycle Association (CMA) and the Canada Safety Council.

In 2012 I achieved certification as “Honda Advanced Skills Motorcycle Instructor” from Honda Japan via the Honda Driving Safety Promotion Centre Motegi, Japan. To date I am the only woman to have completed this training in the school’s history.

Vicki Gray Director/Founder Motoress

“The thrill starts with the skill”!  This is one of my credos. It sums up the direction I take all those interested in motorcycling. A better equipped rider will truly maximise the thrilling, rewarding, exciting – and safe experience that motorcycling is.