Arai Ram 3 Open Face Helmet

Arai Ram 3 Open Face Helmet - MOTORESS
Arai Ram 3 Open Face Helmet

As a motorcycle rider and instructor, I’ve been a crusader of the full face helmet choice for over 28 years. Reviewing and testing the Arai Ram 3 open face helmet was my first open face experience. The Arai Ram 3 Open Face Helmet officially called the “SZ/RAM III”  seamlessly provided incomparable comfort and actually accented my overall riding sensation.  And viewing the road through the Arai Ram 3 open face helmet optically correct UV protection preformed face shield gave me an “up close” riding experience. A much more out there feeling than in a full face helmet.  Furthermore, I truly enjoyed the benefit of not having to remove my helmet to speak properly while teaching motorcycle training, or during a roadside refreshment stop.

The concerns of less protection during mishap went through my mind, as an open face helmet offers less protection than a full face. However, these worries were non-existent for me, namely do to the confidence I had with the undisputed integrity Arai helmets are built from. They’re both SNELL and DOT approved, arrive on the shelf after rigid tests, are nearly all hand-made and come with a twenty year track record, placing them as one of the best helmet makers in the world. You’ll of course find all the aforementioned reflected in their pricing but as the saying goes–you get what you pay for.  And unlike other riders, the symptomatic discomfort of feeling “naked” I’ve heard about when alternating from full to open face, I had no experience of. In fact I felt more in tune with the ‘scene’ and I liked it, but I realize I also owe that to Arai construction quality. Plainly you won’t achieve the greatest protection a full face helmet provides in an open face, namely due the absence of the chin section. But,  full face visor that comes with the RAM III ensures increased safety by successful test criteria achieved at Arai by dropping a 3 kg weighted hammer from a height of 1 meter with a 0.3 kg punch striker on the visor.

I truly enjoyed the benefit of not having to remove my helmet to speak properly while teaching motorcycle training, or during a roadside refreshment stop.

Another feature I really appreciated was the specially designed ear space of the interior lining of the helmet–note worthy and characteristic of Arai. The extra spaced removed pressure against my ears, enabling room for better hearing potential even through earplugs without more wind noise consequence.

I had expected the open face experience to produce watery eyes (and runny mascara) yet “aux-contraire”- the visor was perfectly effective causing wind to disperse its pressure both left and right away from centre face resulting in no tired feeling (I rode without windscreen). A slight airiness was felt just under my chin where the visor ended which was totally welcomed amidst the summer’s humid heat. When riding in rain, no moisture on the face or obscured vision as rain beaded off the visor again due to its unique to a point preformed shape; absolutely no fogging up. Arai’s unique brow vent face shield ventilation system when opened, noticeably dispersed soft airflow cross my forehead and I underline noticeably—terrific cooling resulted!

On top of performance, quality and style as like most, look is important to me; the RAM 3 finishes on my “top ten best dressed” list. It has a modern contemporary approach, a clean professional appearance particularly in the matte SMOKE GREY I used. Additionally this finish amazed me as it is extremely mark/scratch resistant..

The Arai RAM SZ/RAM 3 open face features and comfort is ideal for short urban commutes or the longer distance tours. This I can attest to in both situations, with over four hours of non-stop freeway riding being the longest test, still confirming comfort, confidence of protection.

Arai Ram 3 Open face helmet Features:

  • LRS tool-less shield-removal system for fast changes.
  • Removable, washable, DRY-COOL® LINER MATERIAL–utilizes micro water cells to improve moisture and heat transfer from your head into the airflow around Arai’s exclusive Space Frame Liner, the substance also allows the liner to dry much faster between rides.
  • CLC (Complex Laminate Construction) fibreglass-based construction of  light-but-strong aerospace-fibreglass
  • Brow Vent Face shield Ventilation System provides cooling air in upper face area without holes in critical forehead area of the shell or in the impact-absorbing liner material.

Summary:  4 out of 5 stars! Buy it! You’ll love it!

MOTORESS director, Vicki Gray is a basic and advanced motorcycle instructor – certified for over 25 years. She is a motorcycle licensing examiner and has instructed, examined and licensed riders for European and North American road racing schools.







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