Belstaff Womens Motorcycle Jackets of British Tradition

Belstaff Road Master Motoress

Belstaff make beautifully designed jackets for women motorcycle riders. If you’re not familiar with Belstaff Womens Motorcycle Jackets, they’ve been around for a long time, since 1924. They were the first company to create a fabric that was totally waterproof but breathable—the famed wax cotton. Founded by Harry Grosberg in England’s Midlands Victoria Place, Longton Stroke on Kent, Staffordshire, the first products were indeed waterproof garments for men and women.

The company logo of the Phoenix rising up was selected as the symbol representing continuity through the fates good and bad times. It was the creation of this specialized material that sent Belstaff into the creation of high technology wear for motorcyclists.

Belstaff in 1930 got into aviation wear and miscellaneous accessories such as goggles, gloves, boots, bags, and helmets. All designed for total protection and safety.

It was in 1943 the famous “Black Prince Motorcycle Jacket” was created. This was the best selling waterproof motorcycle jacket of all time.

Belstaff jackets are keenly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts, kept as trophies by true motorcyclists. So if you ever come across one—grab it!

You’ll see famous film stars donning Belstaff style— Angelina Jolie, Hilary Swank, Victoria Beckham. For the guys in films- Leo Dicaprio in The Aviator, The men of Ocean’s Twelve, Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible II, and recently Will Smith in ‘I am Legend’.

We’ve selected the Women’s Waxed Cotton Roadmaster as one of our favourite styles to feature here.

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