BMW Motorrad Comfort Shell Women’s Motorcycle Jacket

BMW Motorrad Comfort Shell Jacket for Women - MOTORESS
BMW Motorrad Comfort Shell Jacket for Women

At the completion of my exciting Edelweiss’ Alps and Lakes Motorcycle Tour last summer, I had to visit the BMW gigantic dealership and retailer store in Munich, Germany. It was an amazing shop with three floors of BMW “Motorrad”. I was seeking the BMW Streetguard III suit. The tour host Vicki Gray was wearing one. It seemed to be “the” suit to satisfy all needs and I wanted to try one on for size In fact, I wanted to purchase one when I returned to Canada. But then, I came across the BMW Motorrad Comfort Shell Jacket for women and I must admit, I fell in love at first sight for the flamboyant red and high-tech style!

Not that I needed a whole suit so for now I decided to add the jacket to my motorcycling wardrobe and opted for the red over the black (or beige). Generally speaking I don’t elect for black in motorcycle clothing because I prefer a colour that’s visible!

BMW Motorrad Comfort Shell Women’s Motorcycle Jacket Best Motorcycle Jacket I’ve Ever Owned

Since that moment in Germany, in August I had many occasions to wear the BMW Motorrad Comfort Shell Women’s Motorcycle Jacket and I have to tell you, it is the best motorcycle jacket I’ve ever owned!  To put that into perspective, I’ve been riding for 15 years to an approximate total of 500,000 km suffice it to say, I’ve tried out a few riding jackets!

Not a drop of water will get through its membrane! 

The BMW Motorrad Comfort Shell is 100% totally waterproof gear. Not a drop of water will get through its membrane!  It’s classified as “climate-change” (wind proof and waterproof, breathable) and as BMW further state, “It features pores that adapt their size according to the exterior temperature, thereby regulating the breath-ability of the clothing. The principle is similar to that of a fir tree’s cone, which opens is scales in warm weather and closes them when it is cold”. I can vouch for the claim! Plus the sealed fasteners on exterior pockets work very well as does the inner waterproof pocket does its job well. For all these reasons, I can profess this jacket is far superior to my former jacket the Aerostich’s Roadcrafter.  It is a real deal also as it is available in women’s sizing!

BMW state that the ComfortShell is designed more for summer temperatures, but if you wear a heated vest underneath, it turns out to be a real cold fighter. I was able to commute to my business daily until the subzero days of December without any chilling or inconvenience from the cold. As far as I’m concerned that’s the proof! Summer or winter, you’ll wear this jacket through your entire riding season!

Another feature I appreciated was its light-weightedness.  In summer with the vents open (very efficient!), you’ll feel comfortable and cool.  The air vents are smartly located, in the front on the sides and in the back under the shoulders. They function well. In fact, they worked out so well that even during soaring “heat wave” days you’ll not be tempted to ride without your jacket on. For the cold months, just add your regular fleece shirt or heated vest and you’ll travel warm! This jacket is not sold with an inner liner.

Initially, I worried about the average height of the collar on rainy days. But it worked just fine preventing water getting into the front during heaving rainfall riding. I would suggest that the Velcro fastening was slightly longer which would assist better during cold days when using my electric vest and a balaclava. I found I had to squeeze my neck in order to close the collar tighter.

Additional terrific features are the back protector and the armour located at shoulders and elbows. Made from dense mousse and are very flexible. You won’t feel any discomfort, rubbing or stiffness. I must say that the back protector is a large size and that is a premier feature for me in the world of women’s gear! It makes you feel confident in the case of a mishap. Generally jackets provide only small inserted back protectors which actually don’t provide much protection at all.

The quality and thought put into BMW gear has me convinced that BMW truly believe women really ride! They’re serious about their gear and respect that women are exposed to the same dangers/road hazards as men. Women also require the best  in motorcycle gear features and not a lesser version of what is important to protect their bodies.

There is only one negative I found about the BMW Motorrad Comfort Shell Women’s Motorcycle Jacket being its small reflective areas on the back of the shoulders. At night or when it rains (minimal light) I found these reflective zones insufficient. If you view the pictures below you’ll see the BMW ComfortShell on the left (red) and my former jacket the Aerostich Roadcrafter (blue) on the right – you’ll see for yourself the difference.

BMW Softshell
BMW Motorrad Comfort Shell Women’s Motorcycle Jacket

With much of BMW’s motorcycle gear, their logo is represented discreetly which makes it easy to wear this jacket on say, your Harley-Davidson. The BMW logo is only visible on the side.

The BMW Motorrad Comfort Shell Women’s Motorcycle Jacket is more expensive than an Aerostich jacket but less expensive than say the brand, Rukka. Still, it is not a small outlay and the price can seem a bit steep. However, as in most things, you get what you pay for and in this product- you get quality, protection and style! You will get your money’s worth!

The manufacturer suggested price is CAD1000. but if you shop around you can find it new for less!

Visit BMW for more info or to find a retailer near you.

BMW ComfortShell Review by Odile Mongeau for MOTORESS!


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