BMW Women’s Atlantis Motorcycle Suit For All Weathers

The women’s Atlantis suit by BMW is a unique, top-quality piece of equipment for all weathers. The BMW women’s Atlantis motorcycle suit’s all-weather leather touring suit is of course included in the BMW Motorrad rider equipment collection once again in the 2018 season.

BMW Women's Atlantis Motorcycle Suit - MOTORESS
BMW Women’s Atlantis Motorcycle Suit – For All Weathers

The legendary touring suit for women motorcycle riders has been further optimised with an even more comfortable fit and a new back protector. One thing has remained the same however: every single suit is a unique specimen and is among the very best this segment has to offer. Particular effort and care goes into the making of each Atlantis suit. The basis is provided by hand-picked breathable nubuck leather of the very finest quality: due to its gentle processing it is extremely skin-friendly and very soft while at the same time highly robust.

BMW Women's Atlantis Motorcycle Suit - MOTORESS
BMW Women’s Atlantis Motorcycle Suit

Natural differences in the look of the material make each suit unique. The full-grain cowhide leather used – which comes solely from the Alpine region – gives the rider not just exceptional luxury but also outstanding safety: with a thickness of 1.2 to 1.4 millimetres it is characterised by maximum abrasion resistance.

The safety concept of the BMW Atlantis suit for women motorcycle enthusiasts, is completed with excellent impact-absorbing protectors at the shoulders, elbows and knees as well as the new NP Pro back protector. A coccyx protector can be retrofitted optionally.

BMW Women's Atlantis Motorcycle Suit - MOTORESS
BMW Ladies Atlantis Riding Suit

The finishing of the leather is carried out by a German tannery that uses a mineral tanning process. This technique is sustainable, environmentally compatible and the most ecological form of tanning currently known. The elaborate process of hydrophobing during the production process makes the Atlantis suit highly water-repellent, but it also fully retains the natural breathable qualities of the leather, thereby ensuring excellent climate comfort.

Wear comfort and freedom of movement count most over long distances – the leather starts to adapt to the rider’s body even after the first few kilometres of wear.

Along with stretch zones in the shoulder and back area as well as above the knee and at the waistband, this makes the Atlantis suit uniquely comfortable. The sleeve and leg end widths can be adjusted individually by means of velcro fasteners, and the connecting zip between the jacket and trousers is available in the lengths “all-round” and 40 centimetres.

The Atlantis suit comes in the colour anthracite and is available in sizes: 34-48.

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  1. The suit is great but as with a lot of BMW gear, the zippers are the weak point. My pants upper zipper broke during a tour in France, after normal use. BMW claimed it was out of warranty and I got a fixed locally. After it was repaired, the shop said they wouldn’t do it again because it was a pain to fix it. Otherwise, good protection and definitely water resistant – not sure about being completely waterproof if riding in the rain for several hours,

  2. Hello Again,
    I would like thank Mo at Santa Fe BMW for his help in resolving the exchange of my Atlantis jacket at no extra cost, we all learned a bit about sizing of this suit. He is fantastic for any of your gear needs.
    That being said I would like to share with future purchasers that the unusual style and cut of the jacket means ordering a size up from your usual gear. However, though it may take care of the underarm tightness the rest of the jacket will be a bit baggy especially around the waist, which might be good for extra layering in cold weather. I also have to mention that the Atlantis pants are true to size, a great fit.

  3. Hello,
    I received an Atlantis suit from my husband for Christmas in the same size as all my other Motorrad gear, 36. I find the cut of the jacket to be unusual (almost defective) under the arms, it’s extremely tight though the rest of the jacket fits fine all around. I did wear it for one ride thinking that it would loosen up but my arms went numb from limited circulation. Has anyone else had this issue? I’m getting ready to order the next size up, the exchange will cost me over $300.

  4. Hi Carola. We have access to the manufacturer pricing. The Atlantis women’s jacket suggested retail: $1099.00. The Atlantis women’s pants: $899.00 both USD pricing. In our experience, the price is justified in the quality. Truly astounding. And long lasting. Hope that helps! Thanks for writing in. Keep us posted.

  5. Any idea about prices for the Atlantis suit before I approach a dealer? Ball park figure is fine

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