Harley Davidson EarBuds. Freedom Has Never Sounded Better

harley davidson earbuds MOTORESSThough few things sound as good as the rev of your engine, the sound quality of these Harley Davidson earbuds will give you high quality off bike listening pleasure. Accented with Willie G. logo the stereo, noise isolating earphones combine sound and the quality you’d expect from a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Earbuds, buds, earphones…whatever you call them, in-ear headphones have become the standard for active listening since the invention of the portable mp3 player. And these sit just inside the ear and allow some ambient noise to filter in, earphones are a great accessory for your smartphone, MP3 player. They also make a great gift for the future rider in your life and the Harley-Davidson enthusiast.

These cutting-edge Harley-Davidson by Fuse-Plus-You earphones deliver your great-sounding tunes via portable headphones for music lovers and riders needing a wallet-friendly choice that won’t dim your bold Harley style.
Harley Davidson EarBuds

Product Features

Perfect for iPod, MACs, laptop and MP3 devices.  Surprisingly good sound and clean bass at great price. In-ear design isolates from outside ambient noise and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Inexpensive, stylish Harley Davidson earbuds with strong sound at a budget price were nearly impossible to find until these by Fuse-Plus-You showed up. These well-designed ‘in-ear’ headphones deliver head-nodding impressive audio clarity with clean musical detail, all at a great price. Sure, it’s a bit hard to believe something so cool-looking could also sound good.
Harley Davidson EarBuds

In addition to the cool Willie G. Skull signature, you can expect smooth highs with meaty bass and slightly recessed – crisp mid-ranges. Clean overall sound is the operative term here.

The Fuse Harley/Willie G. ear-buds come with two sets of soft silicon ear-tip sleeves included in the box.

So after that great ride, plug in and keep the sound of freedom flowing with your favourite tunes delivered through these trendy Willie G. signature earphones.

Suggested Retail 14.99
Purchase here on-line.

*Note: MOTORESS does not endorse or support wearing ear-buds/earphones; listening to music etc. while operating a motorcycle of any form. Doing so is unsafe and hazardous. Full focus is needed to the road and to operation of your vehicle.

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