Kinekt Gear Necklace and Pendant Takes the Heart of Every Woman Rider

We loved the Gear Ring by Kinekt, and it goes without saying we adore their newly released Kinekt Gear Necklace and Pendant! Three small rotating gears set within a stainless steel heart make a for a beautiful statement piece playfully fun to wear. Though the designers at Kinekt didn’t intend it this way, but this Kinekt Gear Necklace and pendant is most certainly an ideal jewellery accent for any woman motorcycle rider.

Kinekt Gear Necklace and Pendant on MOTORESS
Kinekt Gear Necklace and Pendant on MOTORESS

The pendant’s three gears are encased in a modern looking contemporary styled stainless steel heart.  Sliding the pendant along its ball chain or pulling gently on the chain will set the gears in motion – interactive play in jewellery!  It’s available in three lengths of 18” (46cms), 20” (51cms), and 30” (76cms).

Kinekt Gear Necklace and Pendant - MOTORESS
Gear Necklace Lengths

We’re wearing the 18 inch length and find it a perfect length when wearing with your motorcycle jacket.  It falls just below the neck and is beautifully visible inside a not quite zipped up motorcycle jacket.

The box the Kinekt Gear Necklace and Pendant arrives in an equally well presented white box with oncealed magnetic closure. The text “START YOUR HEART” is printed on the inside lid. When you pull the silk tab holding the necklace out of the box – printed text reads… “MY GEAR HEART (symbol) BELONGS TO” and a line to write either your name of the one you’re giving it to.

Kinekt Gear Necklace and Pendant - MOTORESS
Kinekt Gear Necklace and Pendant Presented

The necklace has a sturdy claw hook closure along with a little Kinekt logo accent tag near the closure. These are appreciated details as when the pendant moves along its ball chain (gravity and your movement);  inevitably brings the closure down near the pendant and it still looks good!

The Kinekt Gear Necklace and Pendant represents a collaboration between three siblings who sought to design a piece of jewellery that “tugs on one’s heartstrings”, so to speak.  “As co-designers, the Gear Necklace remains really close to our own hearts.  It just happens to have three gears working together which perfectly symbolizes our team work,” says Rachel, of the experience working with her brother and sister.

Kinekt Gear Pendant Features We

  • A lifetime warranty which is automatically part of the original purchase.  If the necklace becomes damaged or if there seems to be a manufacturer’s defect at any time after the purchase, Kinekt will gladly exchange it for a new one.  Proof of purchase will be required to process the warranty transaction.
  • Fabricated using 316L, the highest quality stainless steel used in the jewellery market. Stainless steel has properties, which makes it highly durable and resistant to tarnishing, fading, scratching, and rusting.  It will not bend or break and it is hypoallergenic for those with metal allergies.

The necklace is unique and patented; a true innovation in the world of jewellery with its unique interaction, movement, and design! View the video below to see the wheels in action.


Retail Price: USD185.00  The price includes worldwide shipping and comes with a lifetime warranty!

To place an order, visit the Kinekt website – or call  toll free in North America: 1-888-600-8494.

More about Kinekt Design

Founded in 2010 by Glen Liberman, Kinekt Design located in Northern New Jersey, USA seeks to delight and intrigue the world with its unique jewellery and product design often inspired by interaction and movement.  Kinekt is a small family run business and all the products offered are conceptualized and realized by a brother-sister duo.




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