Liberty Sport Chopper Sunglasses Road Ride Review

Liberty Sport Chopper Sunglasses on Motoress
Liberty Sport Chopper Sunglasses

All the years of riding various motorcycles, I’ve always had the sense of the importance of good protective eyewear. Protection from eye damage against UV rays, from dust, dirt, debris and to ensure you can see the road you’re navigating ahead. Although I always wear a helmet with a face shield, I always wear my sunglasses. The team at Liberty Sport have brought out a broad selection of protection sport eyewear with a range specifically designed with motorcyclists. Why you ask do we need specialized sun protection? Well, for the aforementioned reasons as well as comfort and performance.

The Liberty Sport “Chopper” motorcycle sunglasses eyewear I tested sets itself apart from other Liberty Sport styles by way of its removable MagTraxion™ magnetic eye cups. These also allow you two different stylish looks but namely the eye cups extend an added cover of eye protection from the wind, dust and light flying particles as they seal in the area around the eye. The technology uses unique magnetic technology combined with skillfully engineered sunglass designs to convert from fashionable sunglasses to high performance eyewear in a snap. Essentially you get two frames in one.Liberty Sport Chopper Sunglasses on Motoress

Meet Liberty Sport

If you’re like me and were not familiar with the brand Liberty Sport you’ll be pleased to know they’ve got a substantial track record to their name. They began manufacturing high quality eyewear in 1929 in Newark, NJ originally as Eagle Optical Company. By 1960 they became one of the largest optical manufacturers in the United States. They were even the selected eyewear and sun wear license of Tommy Hilfiger. It was in 2000 Liberty shifted their focus exclusively to performance sun and protective sports vision, hence the name Liberty Sport. Their technology continued to advance to offering premium protective eyewear through its valued Prevention Center account base while continuing to develop the industry’s most technologically advanced eyewear and sun wear.Liberty Sport Chopper Sunglasses on Motoress

CHOPPER: MY favourite Stand-Out Features

  • Lens Quality/Protection Vision: The quality of the lens is equally impressive. 100% UVA & UVB Protection.
  • Zero Eye Strain: Again my test was in the full hot Indian summer sun all day long and my eyes, which often burn from a day’s riding exposure in the sun, had no side effect at all. Plus the tint of the “Ultimate Driver Polycarbonate lens material, specifically made for speed and motion activities and tinted for mid-range contrast truly allowed me an uncompromised visibility through all the varying conditions – just as Liberty Sport claim. *Protective Sports Eyewear are eyeglass frames or goggles designed and manufactured to meet or exceed applicable US impact protection standards. All protective sports eyewear must have polycarbonate lenses designed to withstand impact.
  • Coverage: I wore the “Chopper” while riding around dusty, hot India in combination with my helmet face shield- and benefited first hand from the added protection from the magnetic eye cups.
  • Lightweight, No Facial Dints: And for me another feature was their amazing light weightiness just 30g  and also the comfy nose pad. These are the first pair of sunglasses I’ve worn in a long time which didn’t leave pressure dints/marks on my face once I removed them.
    Additionally, I found the arms fit nicely under my helmet unlike other sunglasses which too did not give me pressure aches against my temples.


As to the look, I found the “Chopper”sliver frame with silver flash mirror coated lens with rose amber lens view completely modern stylish and fitting to today’s eyewear looks. And equally effective.


When you look closely the Liberty Sport “Chopper”, it’s a result of intensive technology which becomes conclusively obvious after wearing them. Yes the proof’s in the pudding! The summary of the “Chopper’s” key features and benefits which follow here below further underline that Liberty Sport have the motorcyclists eye wear needs covered.


  • RX Prescription available through your Optical Retailer.
  • 8 base decentered lens curvature
  • Prescription available through your Optical Retailer
  • 8-base wrap around lens shape delivers excellent peripheral field of vision.
  • Raised eye-rim back lip provides additional lens retention.
  • Pierced temple design allows air flow and help screen out debris.
  • Soft nose pad for comfort and fit.
  • Head hugging temple design to add to frame comfort.
  • Plano frame comes with Liberty Sport Ultimate Driver polycarbonate premium performance lenses:
  • Passes all Global Driving Standards.
  • Hard Coat Premium Scratch Coating.
  • 100% UVA & UVB Protection.

About the Lens

Ultimate Driver Polycarbonate

  • Made for speed and motion activities.
  • Tint is tailored for mid-range, contrast transmission to provide both sustained comfort and uncompromised visibility under the varying conditions encountered.
  • Rose Amber lens with silver flash mirror coating.

Certified Protection

  • Advanced eye-rim design allows for a wide range of prescription lens power.
  • Molded padding provides grip, comfort, and durable long-lasting protection.
  • Softness of the material allows the temple to act as an extension of the strap – providing flex, comfort, and grip during play.
  • Frame made of high-impact nylon.
  • Polycarbonate lenses meet ASTM F803 standards.
  • Soft, hypo-allergenic TPR bridge for added comfort.

What your Chopper Sunglasses come with:

  • Semi rigid case
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Adjustable cord/retainer
  • 2 x MagTraxion™ magnetic eye cups
  • eye cups storage pouch

Retail price USD 165.95

Liberty Sport Chopper Sunglasses and order yours!

Reviewed and enjoyed sincerely, by Vicki Gray.

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