509 Dirt Pro Motorcycle Goggles Woman Rider Tested

509 Dirt Pro Goggles on MOTORESS
509 Dirt Pro Goggles

The distributor in Canada, Yamaha, gave me the new 509 Dirt Pro Goggles for a dirt ride day to test. I wore the 509 Dirt Pro Goggles through a multitude of conditions – sand, jumps, woods and trails. Additionally, I reviewed their abilities in bright sun-lite conditions as well as visual abilities through dark shaded areas. I discovered, they weren’t only comfortable to wear, but totally met performance expectations.

Off road riding is another terrific style of motorcycling and one which I am a fanatic of. You can imagine, off-road riding gear is quite different from that of the street or the race track. One item setting it apart is the necessity for protective eye-wear – goggles. These are essential accompaniment to your open full face helmet.  Having the ability to easily remove your goggles temporarily if covered by dust and dirt makes goggles the ideal eye-wear.  Goggles provide eye protection and the ability to be easily cleaned due to the dirt and various riding environments are crucial for comfortable riding. And off-road riding (not road racing) or trial riding demands a lot of your vision given the diversity of terrains and obstacles ( i.e. shrubs and tree branches).

509 Dirt Pro Motorcycle Goggles - MOTORESS
509 Dirt Pro Motorcycle Goggles

When riding off-road, you tend to get warm with all the physical work; ventilation on the face is definitely a welcome relief.  Plus as goggles pretty much sit on your face and around your nose,  they need to be comfortable.

If you already ride in the dirt or motocross you may be familiar with Dirt Pro brand. They’re originally a goggle manufacturer for snow sports / snow mobile riding. The company took a hard look at the dirt riding market and saw room for improvement. From the ground up they designed the Dirt Pro Goggle adding true dirt (MX & ATV) features that are only found in their particular product. Plus they back these up with a lifetime warranty. 
That in itself is a strong claim to quality.

509 Dirt Pro Motorcycle Goggles - MOTORESS
509 Dirt Pro Motorcycle Goggles

509 Dirt Pro Motorcycle Goggles Provide Maximum Vision

The Dirt Pro “Black Bandana” accented style was my choice. It’s a design of black silver and white paisley details on the frame; same design on the adjustable strap but on white background; using the chrome dirt lens (lens has built-in tear off posts!) finish. These were used with my ARAI off-road helmet and fit perfectly snug. In fact so snug I took of the removable nose guard to have a bit more breathing space. On a dirtier day, say just after rain, I’d have kept the nose guard on.

As you can see in the picture the goggles perfectly hide my face which allowed for maximum vision, and protection from the sun. Though this particular lens is not polarized;  in the woods this worked perfectly.

Every design element and every feature was specifically engineered for dirt enthusiast’s requirements. 509 found that often snow riders were stretching the use of their snow goggles during summer saving a few dollars. So one of the goals of 509 was to ensure their dirt goggles were easy on the budget – they produced an affordable goggle for the dirt and mud.

Key features include:

  •  Hinged strap mounts. Super flexible to get on/off helmet.
  •  Tripled tear off posts.
  •  Triple layer foam for super comfort and fewer facial imprints when removed!
  •  Removable “Nose Guard
  •  Chrome lens; available polarized brown lens, smoke lens, or clear dirt lens.
  •  Silicon lined straps to adhere to helmet
  •  13 vent ports – no fogging here!
  •  Lifetime warranty

MSRP: CAD 59.95

The goggles come standard with cloth protective bag, info booklet and a couple stickers!


  • You can buy the roll film kit of goggle protectors to experience clear vision in the harshest dirt conditions. This comes with 30-40 clear views per roll, 2 film rolls, mud flap single lens and film canisters.
  • Also available are tear off’s in packs of 6 or 12.
  • Mud flap replacement for roll film kit also available.

Conclusively, I find these the 509 Pro Dirt Goggles fantastic! For the price, package and accessories, a superior product. Plus super comfortable and they do the job 509 promise!

In fact, with ski season approaching and I’m considering using them for skiing in place of my worn out ski goggles! Perhaps 509 will now consider a ski goggle! Hey, if your do something well, might as well cover all bases.

Visit their website www.ride509.com or inquire at any official Yamaha dealer in Canada!


MOTORESS director, Vicki Gray is a basic and advanced motorcycle instructor – certified for over 25 years. She is a motorcycle licensing examiner and has instructed, examined and licensed riders for European and North American road racing schools.


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